16 de outubro de 2011

Banda: Virgin Steele
Álbum: Favorites 1983-2010 (Japanese Edition)
Ano: 2011
País: EUA
Estilo: Heavy/Power Metal

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01. Fight Tooth and Nail
02. Where Are You Running To
03. Noble Savage
04. Don't Say Goodbye
05. The Spirit of Steele
06. Kingdom of the Fearless
07. Perfect Mansions
08. Through the Ring of Fire
09. The Fire God
10. Agony and Shame
11. Wings of Vengeance
12. Fire of Ecstasy
13. The Voice as Weapon
14. Flames of Thy Power
15. Conjuration of the Watcher
16. I Am the One
17. Rain of Fire
18. Childrem of the Storm
19. The Succubus
20. Immortal I Stand
21. The Bread Of Wickedness
22. By The Hammer Of Zeus

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