2 de fevereiro de 2010

Conquest (Ukr) - Empire (2009)

País: Ucrânia
Estilo: Power Metal

1.In the Darkness (Intro) 01:42

2.It Begins From Your Heart 05:05

3.Far Beyond 05:26

4.Prisoner of the Universe 04:54

5.We Have Returned 03:48

6.When the Skies Fall 04:46

7.We Are the Ones 04:43

8.Faith Within 05:27

9.The Never-Ending Quest Will End 04:46

10.Empire 06:22

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Line Up
W .Angel - Vocals, guitar

Lady Dea - Keyboards, backing vocals
Andrey "Kull" Karpov - Bass
Erland - Drums

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