19 de julho de 2012

Banda: Vesperian Sorrow
Álbum: Stormwinds Of Ages
Ano: 2012
País: EUA
Estilo: Symphonic Black/Death Metal
Uploader: Gustavo

Donn Donni – Vocals
Kristoph – Drums /  Studio Keyboards
William – Guitars
JZD – Guitars
Justin M – Bass
Subverseraph – Live Keyboards

Músicas do cd:
01. Sanguis Vitam Est
02. Stormwinds of Ages
03. An Empire To Mourn
04. Casting Dawn Into Shadow
05. Crown of Glass
06. Legacies Befallen
07. Eye of the Clock Tower
08. Oracle from the Ashes
09. Relics of the Impure
10. Death She Cried
11. Of Opiates and Accolades

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