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VA - European Melodic Death Metal

Pela definição e classificação do que é realmente Melodic Death Metal eu deixo com os caras da Metal Storm dizer para vocês. 

Coletânea com 166 faixas de puro poder!!

VA -- Austrian (1CD - 15 tracks) -- Melodic Death Metal

VA -- Dutch (1CD - 15 tracks) -- Melodic Death Metal
VA -- Finnish (3CD's - 54 tracks) -- Melodic Death Metal
VA -- French (1CD - 15 tracks) -- Melodic Death Metal
VA -- German (2CD's - 34 tracks) -- Melodic Death Metal
VA -- Italian (1CD - 16 tracks) -- Melodic Death Metal
VA -- Spanish (1CD - 17 tracks) -- Melodic Death Metal

Austrian Melodic Death Metal:

01.In Slumber - Seduce My Sentenced Pain
02.Collapse 7 - In Deep Silence
03.Lost Dreams - Evil Unleashed
04.Septic Cemetery - Under The Sun
05.Vanitas - Walzertanz Im Flammenmeer
06.Profound - Frozen Mankind
07.Hollenthon - Woe To The Defeated
08.Lords Of Decadence - Point Of No Return
09.Mortus - Bleeding Works Of Art
10.Ars Moriendi - Crossing The Line
11.Third Moon - Blood For Blood
12.Impurity - At The Gates Of Dawn
13.Perishing Mankind - First Fallout
14.Darkside - Pontiflex 666
15.Visceral Evisceration - (I Am) Enamoured Of Dead Bodies

Dutch Melodic Death Metal:

01.Cutting Daisy - The Fools Crowned Themselves Gods
02.Callenish Circle - Ignorant
03.Detonation - Chokedamp
04.Cypher - Handful Of Darkness
05.Aura - Hallowed
06.Another Messiah - These Lonely Eyes
07.Escutcheon - Searching Into The Abyss
08.Fuelblooded - Measure Swords
09.Blo.Torch - Aberrant Dream
10.Outburst - Slaughterhouse
11.Threnody - Autumn
12.Maleficium - Disillusion
13.Eria d'Or - Weeping In Fear
14.Teotwawki - Architect
15.Mentation - Suicidal Thoughts

Finnish Melodic Death Metal:

CD1 :
01.Cadacross - Among The Stars
02.Faerghail - Horizon's Fall
03.Imperanon - Sold
04.Mirzadeh - Precious Death
05.Absurdus - Joyreaper
06.Nocturnal Winds - Of Art And Suffering
07.To The Darker Grounds - Face Alone, Fall Of Man
08.Norther - Mirror Of Madness
09.Mors Principium Est - Cleansing Rain
10.Anaktorian - My Armageddon
11.Dark Flood - To Reach For The Ground
12.Insomnium - Mortal Share
13.Darkcrowned - Lifeblood
14.Before The Dawn - Fear Me
15.Autumn Verses - The Uncreation
16.Blind Stare - Words Of Truth
17.Dyessence - Relocation Expenses
18.Wintersun - Beyond The Dark Sun
19.Obscurant - A Wasteland

CD2 :

01.Kaliban - Carnal Cage
02.Searing Meadow - Wasted Heroes
03.My Fate - Dead Man
04.The Wake - Death A Holic
05.Noumena - The End Of The Century
06.Division 19 - Sword Of Heroes
07.Codeon - Cold Trigger
08.Falchion - Journey In The Woods
09.Absence - The Unborn Son
10.Enter My Silence - Spin
11.Gandalf - The Dragon
12.Kalmah - Bitter Metallic Side
13.Sinister Creation - Mortal Grandeur
14.Renascent - Majestic
15.Final Dawn - Doze
16.Watch Me Fall - Winter Within
17.Children Of Bodom - Everytime I Die

CD3 :

01.Omnium Gatherum - Into Sea
02.Kill The Romance - I'm Alive
03.Evemaster - Whispers
04.Pain Confessor - Without Redemption Without Remorse
05.Rapture - Transfixion
06.Elenium - Challenger Of Gravity
07.Ablaze In Hatred - Howls Unknown
08.Immortal Souls - The Cleansing
09.Diablo - Condition Red
10.In Blakest Velvet - Lamb Of Liberty
11.Mygrain - Veil Of Sun
12.Dawn Of Relic - Birth
13.Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Lost Tune Of Thunder
14.Swallow The Sun - Descending Winters
15.Withering - Reborn
16.Naildown - Hollow Syndicate
17.Halo Of Shadows - Ravenous Heart
18.The Scourger - Enslaved To Faith

French Melodic Death Metal:

01.Aabsinthe - Delirium Tremens
02.Overload - Magneficient Alienation
03.Ylian - Hymn Of Piracy
04.Lyzanxia - Wise Counselor
05.Crystal Wall - Fear No More
06.Chrysalis - Plague, Sweet Plague
07.Fairlight - Hangar 18
08.Yorblind - Tortured Souls
09.Winds Of Torment - Devoid Of Essence
10.Yyrkoon - Signs
11.Fear's Dawn - Quest Of Death
12.Agnosys - Equilibrium
13.Symbyosis - Crusades Part V
14.Dungortheb - Twisted Reality
15.Horresco Referens - Deus Sex Machina

German Melodic Death Metal:

CD1 :
01.Mourning Caress - Creating A Hell
02.Violation - A Shattered Blind
03.Chronicle Of Tyrants - Nemesis
04.Behind The Scenery - Human 2.0
05.Apokrypha - Ignorance
06.Dementia - My Freakes Syllogism
07.Devanic - You Will See
08.Fragments Of Unbecoming - The Seventh Sunray Enlights My
09.Still It Cries - Craven
10.Grailknights - Prevail
11.Equilibrium - Der Sturm
12.Absence - The Better Truth
13.Aeveron - Fallen Into Oblivion
14.Lay Down Rotten - Beautiful Brutality
15.Storm Of Sorrows - Count The Faceless
16.Xordeal - The Dreamer
17.In Disgrace - Whispering Dread

CD2 :

01.Deadlock - Earth Revolt
02.Immortal Rites - United Scars Anthem
03.In Slumber - Manacle Of Dogma
04.Neaera - The World Devourers
05.Berserk Inc - God's Earth
06.Agamendon - Awaken
07.Asgaia - Under Control
08.The Very End - Me Vs Life
09.Night In Gales - Perihelion
10.Battlesword - This Silent Night
11.Dark Age - Last Words
12.Black Horizons - The Tears Of Autumn
13.Distream - Refused
14.Desolation - Shriving Time
15.Burden Of Grief - Vita Reducta
16.Decision To Hate - Hordes Of The Nazarene
17.Fall Of Serenity - Out Of The Clouds

Italian Melodic Death Metal:

01.Golem - Ever Been To Hell.mp3
02.Lunarsea - Qubenauts.mp3
03.Rising Moon - Cyborg Insane.mp3
04.Raintime - Moot Lie.mp3
05.Summoner - Gaia Flowered Mantle.mp3
06.Necroart - The Crimson Minority.mp3
07.Bleed In Vain - I Had Not.mp3
08.Disarmonia Mundi - Swallow The Flames.mp3
09.Ancestral Stigmata - Hate Of The Man.mp3
10.Dark Lunacy - Aurora.mp3
11.Edenshade - A Fact Of Egoism.mp3
12.Node - Retreat 42.mp3
13.Infliction - Breathe.mp3
14.Daemusine - Throne Of Illusions.mp3
15.VII Arcano - The Inner Deathscapes.mp3
16.Subliminal Crusher - Affection.mp3

Spanish Melodic Death Metal:

01.Atsphear - Hall Of Mirrors
02.Runic - Liar Flags
03.Unreal Overflows - Is There Anybody Outside
04.Denial - Bakarrizketan
05.Black Winter - Revenge
06.Darkness By Oath - Absence Of Light
07.Mistweaver - Eternal Rest
08.Hopelessness - Loving Nothingnes
09.The Zeronaut - Nowhere Man
10.Anvil Of Doom - Millennium
11.Undertaker - Sons Of Odin
12.In Thousand Lakes - Lifeless Waters & Forgotten Land
13.Deathless - Torture's Deep Inside My Mind
14.Karonte - Ciego Por Ver
15.The Eyes - Save Us
16.In Nomine - Eternal Torment
17.Bioterror - The Dark Side Of My Soul

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