14 de abril de 2010

Powergod - Bleed For The Gods - That's Metal Lesson I (2001)

País: Germany
Estilo: Power / Speed Metal

1.Lion's Roar/Bound To Be Free (Savage Grace) 05:19
2.Bleed For The Gods (Agent Steel) 03:28
3.Metal Church (Metal Church) 04:42
4.Ruler Of The Wasteland (Chastain) 03:37
5.Kill With Power (Manowar) 04:01
6.Stars (Hear' N Aid) 04:57
7.Burning The Witches (Warlock) 04:14
8.I'm A Viking (Yngwie Malmsteen) 05:14
9.XXX (Nasty Savage) 04:22
10.Steel The Light (Q 5) 05:49
11.Tor With The Hammer (TNT) 02:09
12.Madhouse (Anthrax) 04:06
13.Metal Merchants (Hallows Eve) 03:14
14.Red Rum (Lizzy Borden) 03:45
15.Soldiers Under Command (Stryper) 05:01
16.You And I (M.A.R.S/Driver) 04:07

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