27 de março de 2010

Powergod - Long Live The Loud - That's Metal Lesson II (2005)

País: Germany
Estilo: Power / Speed Metal

1.Fall Out/Long Live The Loud (Exciter) 05:17
2.Screams from the Grave (Abattoir) 03:00
3.Mind Over Metal (Raven) 03:23
4.Heavy Chains (Loudness) 04:07
5.Bombs of Death (Hirax) 01:49
6.Rocking Through The Night (Rosy Vista) 03:29
7.I'd Rather Be Sleeping (D.R.I.) 00:57
8.Ready to Rock (Wendy O'Williams) 04:40
9.Motormount (Anvil) 03:21
10.Better Off Dead (Hellion) 04:34
11.Deathrider (Omen) 03:14
12.Total Desaster (Destruction) 03:06
13.Cutt Your Heart Out (Rough Cutt) 02:26
14.The War Drags Ever On (Tank) 08:00

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