23 de maio de 2010

Especial - Ronnie James Dio R.I.P (1942 - 2010)

Dio - Holy Diver (1983)

01.Stand Up And Shout
02.Holy Diver
04.Caught In The Middle
05.Dont Talk To Strangers
06.Straight Through The Heart
08.Rainbow In The Dark
09.Shame On The Night

Dio - The Last In Line (1984)

01.We Rock
02.The Last In Line
04.Speed At Night
05.One Night In The City
06.Evil Eyes
08.Eat Your Heart Out
09.Egypt (the chains are on)

Dio - Sacred Heart (1985)

01.King Of Rock And Roll
02.Sacred Heart
03.Another Lie
04.Rock 'N' Roll Children
05.Hungry For Heaven
06.Like The Beat Of A Heart
07.Just Another Day
08.Fallen Angels
09.Shoot Shoot

Dio - Dream Evil (1987)

01.Night People
02.Dream Evil
03.Sunset Superman
04.All The Fools Sailed Away
05.Naked In The Rain
07.I Could Have Been A Dreamer
08.Faces In The Window
09.When A Woman Cryes

Dio - Lock Up The Wolves (1990)

01.Wild One
02.Born On The Sun
03.Hey Angel
04.Between Two Hearts
05.Night Music
06.Lock Up The Wolves
07.Evil On Queen Street
08.Walk On Water
10.Why Are They Watching Me
11.My Eyes

Dio - Strange highways (1993)

01.Jesus Mary And The Holy Ghost.mp3
03.Strange Highways.mp3
04.Hollywood Black.mp3
07.One Foot In The Grave
08.Give Her The Gun
09.Blood From A Stone
10.Here's To You
11.Bring Down The Rain

Dio - Angry Machines (1996)

01.Insitutional Man
02.Don't Tell the Kids
04.Hunter of the Heart
05.Stay Out of My Mind
06.Big Sister
07.Double Monday
08.Golden Rules
09.Dying in America
10.This is Your Life

Dio - Magica (2000)

02.Magica Theme
03.Lord Of The Last Day
04.Fever Dreams
05.Turn To Stone
06.Feed My Head
08.Challis Marry The Devil's Daughter
09.As Long As It S Not About Love
10.Losing My Insanity
12.Magica Reprise
13.Lord Of The Last Day Reprise
14.Magica The Story

Dio - Killing the dragon (2002)

01.Killing The Dragon
02.Along Comes A Spider
04.Better In The Dark
05.Rock & Roll
08.Throw Away Children
09.Before The Fall
10.Cold Feet

Dio - Master Of The Moon (2004)

01.One More For The Road
02.Master Of The Moon
03.End Of The World
05.The Man Who Would Be King
06.The Eyes
07.Living The Lie
08.I Am
09.Death By Love
10.In Dreams

Dio - Diamonds - The Best Of Dio (1992)

01.Holy Diver
02.Rainbow In The Dark
03.Don't Talk To Strangers
04.We Rock
05.The Last In Line
06.Evil Eyes
07.Rock 'N' Roll Children
08.Sacred Heart
09.Hungry For Heaven
10.Hide In The Rainbow
11.Dream Evil
12-Wild One
13-Lock Up The Wolves

Black Sabbath - The Dio Years (2007)

01.Neon Knights
02.Lady Evil
03.Heaven And Hell
04.Die Young
05.Lonely Is The Word
06.The Mob Rules
07.Turn Up The Night
09.Falling Off The Edge Of The World
10.After All (The Dead)
11.TV Crimes
13.Children Of The Sea (live)
14.The Devil Cries (new recording)
15.Shadow Of The Wind (new recording)
16.Ear In The Wall (new recording)

Elf - Elf (1972)

1.Hoochie Koochie Lady
2.First Avenue
3.Never More
4.I'm Coming Back For You
5.Sit Down Honey (Everything Will Be Alright)
6.Dixie Lee Junction
7.Love Me Like A Woman
8.Gambler, Gambler

Elf - Carolina County Ball (1974)

01.Carolina Country ball
02.L.A. 59
03.Ain't it all amusing
05.Annie New Orleans
06.Rocking chair Rock 'n' Roll Blues
08.Do the same thing
09. Blanche

Elf - Trying To Burn The Sun (1975)

01.Black Swampy Water
02.Prentice Wood
03.When She Smiles
04.Good Time Music
05.Liberty Road
06.Shotgun Boogie

Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (1975)

01.Man on the Silver Mountain
02.Self Portrait
03.Black Sheep of the Family
04.Catch the Rainbow
05.Snake Charmer
06.The Temple of the King
07.If You Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll
08.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves

Rainbow - Rising (1976)

01.Tarot Woman
02.Run with the Wolf
04.Do You Close Your Eyes
06.A Light in the Black

Rainbow - On Stage (Live) (1997)

01.Intro: Over the Rainbow/Kill the King
02.Man on the Silver Mountain/Blues/Starstruck
03.Catch the Rainbow
05.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
06.Still I'm Sad

Rainbow - Long Live Rock N' Roll (1978)

01.Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
02.Lady of the Lake
03.L.A. Connection
04.Gates of Babylon
05.Kill the King
06.The Shed (Subtle)
07.Sensitive to Light
08.Rainbow Eyes

Heaven and Hell (Gbr) - Live From Radio City Music Hall (2007)

Disc 1
01.E5150 / After All (The Dead)
02.The Mob Rules
03.The Children of the Sea
04.Lady Evil
06.The Sign of the Southern Cross
08.The Devil Cried

Disc 2
01.Computer God
02.Falling Off the Edge of the World
03.Shadow of the Wind
04.Die Young
05.Heaven and Hell
06.Lonely Is the Word
07.Neon Knights

Heaven and Hell (Gbr) - The Devil You Know (2009)

01.Atom & Evil
03.Bible Black
04.Double the Pain
05.Rock & Roll Angel
06.The Turn of the Screw
07.Eating the Cannibals
08.Follow the Tears
10.Breaking into Heaven

Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell (1980)

01.Neon Knights
02.Children of the Sea
03.Lady Evil
04.Heaven and Hell
05.Wishing Well
06.Die Young
07.Walk Away
08.Lonely is the Word

Black Sabbath - Mob Rules (1981)

01.Turn Up the Night
03.The Sign of the Southern Cross
05.The Mob Rules
06.Country Girl
07.Slipping Away
08.Falling Off the Edge of the World
09.Over and Over

Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer (1992)

01.Computer God
02.After All (The Dead)
03.TV Crimes
04.Letters From Earth
05.Master of Insanity
06.Time Machine
07.Sins of the Father
08.Too Late
10.Buried Alive
11.Time Machine (Wayne's World Mix)

Black Sabbath - Live at Hammersmith Odeon (1982)

02.Neon Knights
04.Children of the Sea
05.Country Girl
06.Black Sabbath
07.War Pigs
08.Slipping Away
09.Iron Man
10.The Mob Rules
11.Heaven and Hell
14. Children of the Grave

Apesar da perda, ainda é melhor falar de DIO sorrindo e batendo muita cabeça! Sabemos que não colocamos todos os álbuns que ele participou, mas tentamos colocar a maioria. Queríamos agradecer ao Thalles, Sir Lionheart e Philipe Gomes por upar para o Discipline grande parte dos álbuns que foi postado! E um agradecimento especial para minha Ana que deu a ideia.

Como seria muito grande a quantidade link nos comentário, salvamos em formato texto todos os links em um lista, facilitar a vida de todo mundo não é? =) Olha o Download AQUI!

Não queríamos falar da Lenda Ronnie James Dio do forma como todos estão fazendo, preferimos colocar um vídeo para explicar o que ele representou para o Metal e para todos que são Metalheads!

Hear N' Aid- "Stars" - Ele irá mostrar para aqueles que não viram o que o nome DIO simboliza de verdade. Sabemos que foi uma perda sem precedentes, mas também sabemos que não devemos ficar tristes, DIO deixou seu legado que nunca ficará esquecidos em nossos corações!

Miller e Pikachu Sama!

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Philipe disse...

Não tem como. Encho os olhos de lágrimas quando leio algo a respeito... Hear N' Aid- "Stars" Deixa bem claro o quanto ele era amado. Só figura no negocio... E como ja dizia DIO "Don't Talk To Strangers"...

Philipe disse...

Parabens Pikachu e Miller pelo post. Sei que deu trabalho...

Anônimo disse...

Porra galera, que massa! Nossa que que massa! Parabéns para o Discipline, sempre fazendo a diferença!

powerofsteel disse...

Velho ótimo post!!

A capa do Live at Hammersmith Odeon diz tudo!!!

Ana Karoline disse...

Lindo post, Discipline! Parabéns pela homenagem ao eterno Dio!!

MÅ®løn MÅt˵§ - [√.ΐ.Þ]™ disse...

Perdemos uma Lenda!