28 de setembro de 2011

Banda: Anthem
Álbum: Heraldic Device
Ano: 2011
País: Japão
Estilo: Heavy Metal

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MEGA LANÇAMENTO!!! O+O QUE BANDA LOUCA DO CARALHO!! Olha a história deles em ingreis, aprendam essa língua malditos!

Founded in Tokyo during 1981 as a quartet of singer Toshihito Maeda, guitarist Akifumi Koyanagi, bass player Nauto "Ski" Shibata and drummer Takamasa Ohuchi. Koyanagi left in late 1983 to be replaced by Hiroya Fukada. In December 1984 vocalist Toshihito Maeda also left and Anthem drafted Elzo Sakamoto for their debut eponymous album issued in July 1985 by Nexus and licensed to Europe via Roadrunner Records.

The song, "Show Must Go On" (from "Bound To Break") appeared in the anime series OAV "Devil Man: The Genesis, Part One" near the end of the episode, when Akira Fudou first becomes Devil Man. It appears in a scene in a club where people are partying in order to become possessed by devils.

Naoto "Ski" Shibata has orchestrated and released an album of hard rock versions of classic themes from the "Castlevania" video games via Konami, entitled "Konami Kukeiha Club: Dracula Battle Perfect Selection".

Ex-vocalist Yukio Morikawa is working with Akira Kajiyama on their project named "Goldbrick".

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