28 de setembro de 2011

Banda: Carach Angren
Álbum:Death Came Through A Phantom Ship
Ano: 2010
País: Holanda
Estilo: Symphonic Black Metal

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Carach Angren is a symphonic black metal band from the Netherlands, formed by two members of Vaultage. Their style is characterised by prominant use of orchestral arrangements, and “epic” lyrics (similar in style to those of Dragonforce) describing unexplained paranormal tales of the past. The name means “Iron Jaws” in the language of Sindarian, and is the name of a fortified pass into North-Western Mordor in J. R. R. Tolkein’s The Lord Of The Rings

Carach Angren was formed in 2003 in the Dutch municipality of Landgraaf, after two members of Vaultage started a side project, due to their shared love of both legends and black metal. It seemed to go well, so Vaultage stepped down and Carach Angren “was ready for bigger steps”.
Their first EP was The Chase Vault Tragedy, which, like all their releases, is a concept album. Following this, they released a second EP, Ethereal Veiled Existance, at which point they were picked up by Maddening Media in 2007. It was then that Carach Angren recorded their first full-length album, Lammendam.
They have now finished their second album, Death Came Through A Phantom Ship, which was released on February 26th, 2010. They are currently partaking in the “A Declaration Of Hate” European tour in support of this, with extreme metal bands Dark Funeral, Zonaria and Nefarium.

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