29 de março de 2012

Banda: Diabulus In Musica
Álbum: The Wanderer
Ano: 2012
País: Espanha
Estilo: Symphonic Power Gothic Metal

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Essa devasta indo e voltando! Eu postei o álbum debut da banda em 2010 e confirmei com esse novo full o que havia dito. Eles tem futuro, fazem um som sencional e merece estar entre os melhores do ano com certeza!

Diabulus in Musica hails from Spain and began their musical journey in 2006. Diabulus can be defined as symphonic with gothic elements, although their influences are diverse. The members of DIM are experienced and dedicated young musicians who left their other projects and commited themselves to this new band. During their first year of work and with the first songs recorded independently, DIM managed to be finalists in some prestigious contests. This success encouraged the band to write a great amount of songs. Eleven of these songs were selected to be included in their first studio album entitled, Secrets.

Secrets features an altruistic collaboration of great musicians; soprano Maite Itoiz (John Kelly & Maite Itoiz), the tenor Ariel Hern‡ndez (Spanish National Choir), members of the professional Early Music ensemble ÒNova LuxÓ, the violist Laura Vallejo (London Philharmonic Orchestra) and the violinist Sergio Ram’rez (Spanish National Broadcast) among others. All of them were thrilled to collaborate with this project once they heard the quality of the material.

Secrets was engineered by the prestigious Spanish tech-producer I–aki Llarena and mixed by Ad Sluijter (ex-guitar player of Epica). Mastering duties were placed in the more than capable hands of the highly renowned Sascha Paeth (Epica, Kamelot, Rhapsody Of Fire) along with Simon Oberender and Michael (Miro) Rodenberg at Gate studios in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Music fans will find a lot of variety and depth in Secrets. Inside you’ll find expertly arranged classical passages, deeply infectious and insatiable hooks and melodies, and dark and aggressive moments that remind you that, in fact, Diabulus In Musica IS a metal band!

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