13 de março de 2012

Banda: Vinterblot
Álbum: Nether Collapse
Ano: 2012
País: Itália
Estilo: Viking Death Metal

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The pagan-death metal project Vinterblot born in winter 2008 in Bari (Italy), due to the initiative of such musicians as Vandrer, Wolf, Eruner and Fjorgynn and soon also Phanaeus, from death metal band Mharbh, joins as singer. The genre could be considered as a mix of the European death metal tradition and the obscure black metal and ambient atmospheres that are useful to the lyric concept based on the constant relation between human being, and his own darkest sides, and the myth. From then on, they start playing live and, nowadays, still keep writing several tracks of their own; In the summer 2010 is publicated the first self produced EP “For Asgard” recorded by Sound Cubed studio engineered by Antonio Tafaro, that earns many successful reviews by specialized magazines and webzines. In the winter the band get contacted by the English label Rising Records, that would sign with a discographic deal for the next full-length album, which recording is provided in the summer 2011 by Golem Dungeon Studio in Bari.

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