1 de abril de 2012

Banda: Age Of Artemis
Álbum: Overcoming Limits
Ano: 2011
País: Brasil
Estilo: Melodic Power Metal



After two years waiting, admirers will be able to honor the intense work of this band which appears with a killer power, ready to present a new heavy metal concept to the entire world.

Age Of Artemis is from Brasilia, Brazil’s capital. It was formed by Pedro Senna’s idea (drummer). To complete the lineup, the band has these well known musicians: Alirio Netto (Vocals), Nathan Grego (Guitars), Gabriel “T-Bone” Soto (Guitars) and Giovanni Sena (Bass).

A producer was asked to combine their musicality, technique and taste. To be part of this endeavor Edu Falaschi (Angra / Almah) takes place to give a direction and identity to the album. The detailed process of production and recording resulted in the explosive album “Overcoming Limits”. Despite the complex ideas, the whole album is full of straight forward strong songs.

Be ready to know and be amazed by Artemis heavy potential. “She” will be ready to overturn prototypes and hit the target like in her mythological adventures.

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6 comentários:

Unknown disse...

where is the fucking link? by mark blasi

Pikachu Sama disse...

Dentro do Post "Download" Mark, Clica ae p ver uma coisa! hahah!

Neyzik disse...

God damn Mark, watch your mouth man

Anônimo disse...

I don´t want to disturb but if it´s possible could you guys buy the original album in order to help this band to spread its music! Keep rocking guys \../

BoscoBass disse...

Muuuito massa cara! foda mesmo!

Pikachu Sama disse...

Link to Download - http://www.mediafire.com/?edsg8d5sdugsbgs