1 de abril de 2012

Banda: Dynazty
Álbum: Sultans Of Sin
Ano: 2012
País: Suécia
Estilo: Hard Rock


Dynazty was formed in late 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. Dynazty consisted of Joey Fox, bass (ex Foxey), George Egg, drums (ex Foxey), John Berg, guitar (ex Sharp) and Rob Love, guitar (Zan Clan). The band sounded great from the first rehearsal, but the final piece was missing, the singer.

After doing two shows with temporary vocalists Riley Wikked and Swan (Blackrain) the search for a full time singer started. The band put an ad out on myspace, and Nils Molin, a completely unknown singer from small town Kilafors, Sweden, replied. It took one rehearsal for the guys to realize that this was to be the line-up.

Recording an album was top priority, and in September 2008 the band entered the legendary Polar Studios in Stockholm, together with producer Chris Laney. The result was the album “BRING THE THUNDER”.

In early 2009, Dynazty signed a deal with American label Perris Records. “BRING THE THUNDER” was distributed in USA, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Greece and Sweden. Later that year, John Berg left Dynazty, and the band continued as a four-piece with the help of Mano Lewys on the second guitar.

Dynazty joined THE POODLES on their CLASH OF THE ELEMENTS TOUR OF EUROPE in October/November, doing 17 shows throughout Europe.

In 2010, Dynazty signed with StormVox Records. An album was recorded in Los Angeles in jan/feb 2011. Since then, the band has performed in the swedish TV-show Melodifestivalen for 3.7 million viewers.

The album “KNOCK YOU DOWN” was released in April 2011 in Scandinavia & Japan.

The band toured a lot in Sweden, playing numerous clubs and festivals throughout the year. In October 2011, Dynazty went on a UK tour together with Electric Boys among others, this time with the help of guitarist Mike Lavér. In November, Mike joined the band.

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Tito disse...

Hard fudido. Lembra em alguns momentos Bon Jovi nos tempos aureos. \m/