5 de abril de 2012

Banda: New Eden
Álbum: Solving For X
Ano: 2012
País: EUA
Estilo: Progressive Speed Power Metal


Quinta feira santa e eu postando para malditos como vocês! rsrsrsr!!

New Eden's latest, Solving for X, their fourth album, may be equally difficult to grasp as to enjoy. What's difficult to grasp is the near formulaic predictability of the album, which revolves around Horacio Colmenares' traditional metal guitar work.

Mostly, Solving for X is torrid heavier power metal bordering on thrash, at times. Excepting the quizzical closer, the soft Three Words, each song bristles with speed and heaviness, a heaviness almost nearing the harshness of modern metal. Of course, this could be by design. Everything eventually leads to a Colmenares guitar solo, which may be the real highlight here. However, there are two songs, The Not Self and possibly Watcher, that seem to moderate the feverish heaviness, feeling more like traditional melodic power metal.

Otherwise, Solving for X is simply a roaring speed machine of heavier power, and sometimes thrash, metal, with little variation. Buckle up dudes.

When the general power metal at the end of the ‘90s was at its down, some new bands were there to overthrow everything and New Eden was one of them. The additional clue of their erupted personality was their will for authentic music full of speed and demonic riffs and of course the screams in the voice of James Rivera. “Obscure Master Plan” is by far their best recording and one of the best albums in the US metal. Now eight years after
their last album “Stagnant Progression” they will release their new album “Solving For X”, which has something different.

Firstly, it cannot touch the level of their best magnum opus of 1999 and I am not sure if their attempt to leave behind the biggest part of the US ideas and to adopt a character more European is something that will exonerates them. For example the first two songs “Anthem Of Hate” and “Flames For Hades” have nothing to offer to the listeners and I am talking about fresh
ideas. I do not have any problem with music parts that have been played before by others, but the point is if there is the touch of freshness. Also, what made me sense was that the band can easily change its style from power to clear prog if they will want it. For example the introduction of “Flames For Hades” it is just like a part of Voivod and the last song of the album “Three Words” has all the clues for a prog song come from the era of the ‘70s. Curious but I really like it.

The best songs are “The Not Self” and “Watcher”. Despite the fact that they are only two they have something from the tradition sound of New Eden, eruption, power and flame for touch riffing. But unfortunately two songs are not able to change the whole image of the album. Rod Arias is the new singer and in some songs he is really good while in some others he is trying to do
something that does not fit him. In “Unsolved Aggressions” he is singing so aggressively on a way to be in the same rhythm with the music that the image is tainted. I do not want to offend him or the band; I just write what I listened to.

Also another drawback is the production, it is too pure and not so clear and this is going to be a problem for the listeners, because it will be too tired for them to hear the whole album. I think that the change of the direction is not something bad especially when you decide that you want to do something new and if this is happening in New Eden then I have no objection. But if they have more ideas that are similar to their powerful past, I am with them and I will support this thought.

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