25 de abril de 2012

Banda: Hybris 
 Álbum: Instinto
 Ano: 2012
 País: Espanha
 Estilo:  Melodic Power Metal

Mais uma banda da Espanha de Power Metal! =)

Hybris is a heavy metal band, founded in San Cristobal de La Laguna (Tenerife) in 2006. It all began with the arrival of Pacho Brea, singer of the defunct band Ankhara to Tenerife, after the friendship had arisen between him and Yeary, current guitarist.

At first the band were only three members: Fred (vocals, guitar), Yeray (guitar) and José Lancharro (drums). This training followed the search of a bassist to complete the basic instruments. It appears then that Victor, after meeting Fred one night, as bass player, joining them in May 2006.La thing started painting right because they are completely and start making your own themes.

As time passes, are realizing that a component failure to finish to complete the group. In principle, a guitarist tried to leave Fred alone voice, but this was not compatible with the ideals of the band and joined the group. Hoping to find someone, came the great promise, Mark, as a keyboardist, who gave the final touch to the group. After all this training, and the band was complete and ready to give concerts.

For a year and a half almost, have been recording what will be their first album, entitled 'Other Worlds', which consists of 10 tracks of varied themes, including one instrumental and one ballad.

Weeks before his first concert to be released, you receive the news that the drummer has to leave the band for personal reasons and can not continue with Hybris. In search of a new drummer, a friend of the band, Nahum, offered to hold this position because it was old battery and she wanted to play again. With time, had to leave training.

Today, after a long pause, return to the fray with new drummer, Albert, returning to the load.

Debut on stage on 7 December with a welcome at the scene Tenerife. Today, they have a small but faithful band of followers that after each concert are faithful to the band.

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