10 de janeiro de 2012

Banda: Tarja Turunen & Harus
Álbum: In Concert: Live At Sibelius Hall
Ano: 2011
País: Finlândia
Estilo: Symphonic

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Incrível e irá sair o DVD desse evento especial. Super bonito, acho que a Tarja deve ficar nisso, consegue-se percebe de cara como ela se sente feliz cantando opera.


The hall darkens. An instant hush – and then, from above, there comes the stentorian, magisterial voice of the organ. Sitting behind it is Kalevi Kiviniemi, a man whose hands have graced some of the most unique, oldest and grandest of these instruments in the world, and whose career is spangled with a vast number of recordings and awards, marking him as Finland’s most distinguished organist. Below, on the left of the stage, Markku Krohn is almost hidden behind an array of chimes and kettledrums. The percussionist of Lahti Symphony Orchestra for over twenty years, he handles his instrument with a deft touch that provokes a bright, pleasing tintinnabulation, notes falling like the snowflakes that dust the wintry scene. From the other side of the stage follow the bold, shivering notes of the guitar. Marzi Nyman has a background in jazz, playing in the UMO Jazz Orchestra, alongside myriad other side projects and bands. His is a style that boasts a smooth, evocative charisma in place of barking riffs; the guitar sings in his hands, and the audience is firmly in thrall by the time the actual singer opens her lips. Tarja Turunen cuts a serene, gentle figure at centre-stage, a world away from the rock star image for which she became famous. The warmth carried on her voice spreads to every corner of the hall... more

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